Our Story

It Started with a Great Haircut

In 1993, Grant Simon was an entrepreneur with a finance degree looking for a new business when he stopped in for a haircut at his local Great Clips. He liked the concept so much he decided to become a franchisee and with record speed opened his first salon in Atlanta. Over the next ten years he opened 20 additional salons.

In 2004, while working a menial job at Lipsey Water, Greg Thomas got into franchising by mortgaging everything to buy an underperforming Great Clips salon in Norcross, GA.  Through good operations and creative marketing, that venture was a success and over the next few years, Greg managed to buy several more distressed salons. 

A Partnership Great for Growth

In 2006, Greg approached his friend and neighbor, Grant, with the idea of partnering to buy a distressed business together, Auto Indulgence in Alpharetta, one of the largest carwashes in the southeast. They quickly discovered their personalities and skill sets complemented each other perfectly.  Grant's background and expertise was in finance, real estate, and legal matters.  Greg excelled in operations, marketing, and sales.  Working together, they turned the business around and resold it 17 months later.  They reinvested these profits by buying 5 under-performing Great Clips salons in Tallahassee.  Then they bought more under-performing salons in Auburn, Columbus.  In 2012, they formed a management company, LSGF Management, to consolidate and oversee back office operations of their Great Clips salons and other franchise holdings.

Largest in the Southeast

By 2014, they were the largest Great Clips franchisee in the southeast with 45 salons in Georgia, Florida, and Alabama.  In 2015, Dana Webster, another friend, neighbor, and fellow Great Clips franchisee with 4 salons in the South Carolina / Georgia coastal region, joined their operations. 

In 2016, they celebrated the opening of their 50th Great Clips salon and united all salons under a new unified name: "Southeast Clips."